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Welcome to the Mad Dog Math website!

Here you can find all the information about our math program, the products that we offer to complement this program and testimonials of current users of Math Dog Math.

Mad Dog Math is a fun, exciting, motivating, and challenging supplement to any math curriculum.

We’ve taken the basic facts and broken them down into bite-sized pieces that any child can master.

A child progresses through a series of timed drills at his own pace.

Students, for the first time, feel empowered by their gained knowledge and are not intimidated by math ever again. Where students once said, “Math is hard; I hate math!”, they now say, “Math is easy; math is fun!”

There is nothing on the market like Mad Dog Math.

Approved vendor with the following charter schools:

  • Connecting Waters
  • Excel College Prep Academy
  • Golden Valley
  • Julian
  • Mountain Peak
  • Ocean Grove
  • River Springs
  • Sky Mountain
  • South Sutter

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Math Quotes

"I advise my students to listen carefully the moment they decide to take no more mathematics courses. They must be able to hear the sound of doors closing."
James Caballero

Math Quotes

"…numbers may be said to rule the whole world of quantity, and the four rules of arithmetic may be regarded as the complete equipment of the mathematician."
James Clerk Maxwell (1813-1879)

Math Quotes

"Mathematics is the Queen of Sciences and Arithmetic the Queen of Mathematics."
Karl Friedrich Gauss (1777-1855)

Math Quotes

"Numbers rule the universe."
Pythagoras (572 BC-490 BC)

Math Quotes

"…all life is mathematics."
G. I. Gurdjieff (1913-1949)

Math Quotes

"Mathematics is a language."
Josiah Willard Gibbs (1839-1903)